CDP Private Cloud Base

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud Base lays the foundation of Cloudera’s modern, on-premises data and analytics platform by offering faster analytics, improved hardware utilization, and increased storage density. Strengthened platform security and simplified governance for regulatory compliance helps organizations manage enterprise readiness.

CDP Private Cloud Base supports a variety of hybrid solutions where compute tasks are separated from data storage and where data can be accessed from remote clusters, including workloads created using CDP Private Cloud Data Services. This hybrid approach provides a foundation for containerized applications by managing storage, table schema, authentication, authorization, and governance.

CDP Private Cloud Base consists of a variety of components from which you can select any combination of services to create clusters that address your business requirements and workloads. Several pre-configured packages of services are also available for common workloads.

CDP Private Cloud Base includes Cloudera Manager for managing, monitoring, and configuring your clusters and services using its Admin Console web application or the Cloudera Manager API.