Ranger KMS

Learn about the new features of Ranger KMS in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9

Ranger KMS Key Migration

Ability to migrate keys from Key Trustee Server to Ranger KMS DB. For more information, refer to : Migrating keys from Key Trustee Server to Ranger KMS.

Pass JVM options to Ranger KMS KTS services

Added field within RANGER KMS to add items to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable to enable better debugging and tuning. For more information , refer to: How to pass JVM options to Ranger KMS KTS services.

Ranger KMS Health Metrics

Additional Ranger KMS Server health metrics have been added to Cloudera Manager. For more information, refer to Ranger KMS Server Metrics.

Integration of Ranger KMS with Luna 10.5 HSM

How to integrate Cloudera Ranger Key Management System (KMS) software with the Luna 10.5 HSM appliance supplied by SafeNet. For more information, refer to : Set up Luna 10.5 HSM Client for Ranger KMS w/database.

Ranger KMS Ozone support

Ranger KMS Ozone support is available in 7.1.9. For more information, refer to Configuring Transparent Data Encryption for Ozone.

Linux distribution support

Ranger KMS now supports Linux Distributions RHEL 9.1, RHEL 8.8, and RHEL 8.8 FIPS

Ranger KMS supports connections to databases secured using TLS 1.2 and TCPS

Ranger KMS can connect to TLS-enabled MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL databases and TCPS-enabled Oracle database. To connect to a TLS/TCPS-enabled database while adding the Schema Registry service to a cluster, see Configure TLS 1.2 for Ranger KMS. You can also enable TLS/TCPS on an existing database and then configure Schema Registry to connect to it. See Set up and configure TLS 1.2 for Ranger KMS . For more information about Oracle TCPS, see How to connect CDP components to a TCPS-enabled Oracle database.