Component Java Heap CPU Disk
  • Small workloads, or evaluations: 16 GB
  • Smaller production environments: 32 GB
  • Larger production environments: 96 GB is sufficient for most clusters.

Set this value using the Java Heap Size of Solr Server in Bytes Solr configuration property.

  • Minimum: 4
  • Recommended: 16 for production workloads
No requirement. Solr uses HDFS for storage.
Note the following considerations for determining the optimal amount of heap memory:
  • Size of searchable material: The more searchable material you have, the more memory you need. All things being equal, 10 TB of searchable data requires more memory than 1 TB of searchable data.
  • Content indexed in the searchable material: Indexing all fields in a collection of logs, email messages, or Wikipedia entries requires more memory than indexing only the Date Created field.
  • The level of performance required: If the system must be stable and respond quickly, more memory may help. If slow responses are acceptable, you may be able to use less memory.