Install Accumulo parcel using Local Parcel Repository

You can install the Accumulo Parcel using your Local Parcel Repository. For this, you have to download the parcel, copy it to your Local Parcel Repository, and then distribute and activate it using Cloudera Manager.

  • Install the Accumulo CSD file
  • Install CDP and add the HDFS and ZooKeeper services to your deployment.
  1. Download the ACCUMULO_ON_CDP-1.10.3_7.1.7.2000.0.p0.43785444-el8.parcel Accumulo parcel from:
  2. Copy the ACCUMULO_ON_CDP-1.10.3_7.1.7.2000.0.p0.43785444-el8.parcel file to the Local Parcel Repository. The Local Parcel Repository is by default located in /opt/cloudera/parcel-repo directory on the host where Cloudera Manager is running.
  3. In Cloudera Manager, navigate to Parcels.
  4. Click Check for New Parcels.
    The ACCUMULO_ON_CDP-1.10.3_7.1.7.2000.0.p0.43785444-el8.parcel parcel appears in the Parcel list.
  5. In the row of ACCUMULO_ON_CDP-1.10.3_7.1.7.2000.0.p0.43785444-el8.parcel, click Distribute.
  6. After the distribution is completed, click Activate.
The Accumulo parcel is installed.
Add the Accumulo on CDP service.