Step 4: Specify Hosts

Cloudera Manager can automatically discover hosts on which to install Cloudera Runtime and managed services. This section covers the procedure for new hosts only.

Choose which hosts will run Cloudera Runtime and other managed services.

  1. To enable Cloudera Manager to automatically discover hosts on which to install CDH and managed services, enter the cluster hostnames or IP addresses in the Hostnames field. You can specify hostname and IP address ranges as follows:
    Expansion Range Matching Hosts

    You can specify multiple addresses and address ranges by separating them with commas, semicolons, tabs, or blank spaces, or by placing them on separate lines. Use this technique to make more specific searches instead of searching overly wide ranges. Only scans that reach hosts running SSH will be selected for inclusion in your cluster by default. You can enter an address range that spans over unused addresses and then clear the nonexistent hosts later in the procedure, but wider ranges require more time to scan.

  2. Click Search. If there are a large number of hosts on your cluster, wait a few moments to allow them to be discovered and shown in the wizard. If the search is taking too long, you can stop the scan by clicking Abort Scan. You can modify the search pattern and repeat the search as many times as you need until you see all of the expected hosts.
  3. Verify that the number of hosts shown matches the number of hosts where you want to install services. Clear host entries that do not exist or where you do not want to install services.
  4. Click Continue.
    The Select Repository screen displays.