Apache Atlas provides data governance capabilities for Hadoop. Apache Atlas serves as a common metadata store that is designed to exchange metadata both within and outside of the Hadoop stack. Close integration of Atlas with Apache Ranger enables you to define, administer, and manage security and compliance policies consistently across all components of the Hadoop stack. Atlas provides metadata and lineage to Data Steward Studio to support curating data across enterprise data.

Searching with Metadata

Use the metadata Atlas collects and metadata you add to effectively find entities.

Exploring using Lineage

Lineage offers insight into where data came from and how to determine the impact of changes to data assets.

Working with Classifications and Labels

How to use Apache Atlas to search for, annotate, classify, and manage data.

Leveraging Business Metadata

Business Metadata allows you to extend the model that represent a given asset type in Atlas. Sets of business metadata can be authorized independently through Ranger so you can manage who has the ability to update which business metadata attributes.

Managing Business Terms with Atlas Glossaries

Collecting your organization's terms in Atlas helps you build a search index to easily find the data assets you are looking for.

Setting up High Availability in Atlas

Configure Atlas High Availability (HA) for your clusters.

Configuring and Monitoring Atlas in Cloudera Manager

Configure Atlas' extractors, monitor status, and access logs using Cloudera Manager.

Securing Atlas

Configure Atlas' authentication and authorization through Cloudera Manager and using access policies in Apache Ranger. With CDP Cloud, authentication is configured for you using Free IPA; you'll still want to review and customize Atlas policies in Ranger to meet your organization's requirements.

Auditing Atlas Entities

Explains how to monitor Atlas audit logs.

Migrating Data from Cloudera Navigator to Atlas

When upgrading a cluster from CDH to CDP, you can choose to move your Navigator Data Management metadata into Atlas.

Iceberg for Atlas

Atlas integration with Iceberg helps you identify the Iceberg tables to scan data and provide lineage support.

Integrating Atlas with Ozone

Explains how to integrate Atlas with Ozone.

Using import utility tools with Atlas

Explains how to load Hive metadata and Kafka topics into Atlas using import utility tools.