SchemaRegistryClient properties reference

Review the following reference for a comprehensive list of the SchemaRegistryClient properties.

Property Name Description Type Default Value
schema.registry.url The URL of the Schema Registry server which this client connects to. String http://localhost:9090/api/v1
schema.registry.client.local.jars.path The local directory path to which downloaded JARs are copied to. String /tmp/schema-registry/local-jars
schema.registry.client.class.loader.cache.size The maximum size of the classloader cache. Int 1024
schema.registry.client.class.loader.cache.expiry.interval.secs The expiry interval (in seconds) of an entry in the classloader cache. Int 3600 sec
schema.registry.client.schema.version.cache.size The maximum size of schema text cache. Int 1024
schema.registry.client.schema.version.cache.expiry.interval.secs The expiry interval (in seconds) of an entry in schema version cache. Int 300 sec
schema.registry.client.schema.metadata.cache.size Maximum size of schema metadata cache. Int 1024
schema.registry.client.schema.metadata.cache.expiry.interval.secs Expiry interval (in seconds) of an entry in schema metadata cache. Int 300 sec
schema.registry.client.schema.text.cache.size Maximum size of schema text cache. Int 1024
schema.registry.client.schema.text.cache.expiry.interval.secs Expiry interval (in seconds) of an entry in schema text cache. Int 300 sec
schema.registry.client.url.selector Schema Registry URL selector class. String com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.client.FailoverUrlSelector
sasl.jaas.config Schema Registry Dynamic JAAS configuration for SASL connection. String null
schema.registry.auth.username Username for basic authentication. String null
schema.registry.auth.password Password for basic authentication. String null
schema.registry.hash.function Hashing algorithm for generating schema fingerprints. String MD5
schema.registry.auth.type The type of authentication the client should use. If the value is oauth2, it will be configured for oauth login, otherwise it will use Kerberos. String kerberos Client ID for OAuth server in case of oauth login. String empty
schema.registry.oauth.secret Secret for OAuth server in case of oauth login. String empty
schema.registry.oauth.server.url OAuth server URL in case of oauth login. String empty
schema.registry.oauth.scope OAuth scope in case of oauth login. String empty
schema.registry.oauth.request.method HTTP method for requesting the oauth token String post
connector.provider.class Classname of a Jersey connector provider. (For example: org.glassfish.jersey.apache.connector.ApacheConnectorProvider) Make sure the class is on classpath. If this is set, Backoff policy might need to be set to com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.retry.policy.ExponentialBackoffPolicy. String empty
schema.registry.client.ssl Schema Registry SSL configuration1 Object null
schema.registry.client.retry.policy Schema Registry Client retry configuration2 Object ExponentialBackoffPolicy with the following default properties:
1 The schema.registry.client.ssl property expects a map of SSL configuration properties. The following snippet lists all valid properties.
protocol: SSL
hostnameVerifierClass: com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.avro.util.AcceptAllHostnameVerifier
keyStoreType: JKS
keyStorePath: ./src/test/resources/jks/client.jks
keyStorePassword: clientpwd
trustStoreType: JKS
trustStorePath: ./src/test/resources/jks/client.jks
trustStorePassword: clientpwd
2 The schema.registry.client.retry.policy expects a retry policy and a number of configuration properties related to the retry policy.
The valid policies are as follows:
The valid properties of the policies are as follows:

sleepTimeMs=[***SLEEPTIME VALUE***]
maxAttempts=[***MAX ATTEMPT VALUE***]
timeoutMs=[***TIMEOUT VALUE***]