Cloudera Runtime provides different types of storage components that you can use depending on your data requirements. Apache Hadoop HDFS is a distributed file system for storing large volumes of data. Apache Ozone is a scalable, redundant, and distributed object store optimized for big data workloads. Apache Kudu completes Apache Hadoop’s storage layer, enabling fast analytics on fast data.

Apache Hadoop HDFS

HDFS Overview

Provides an overview of Apache Hadoop HDFS, its benefits, and the key components.

Apache Ozone

Apache Ozone Overview

Provides an overview of Apache Ozone and its key components.

Apache HBase

Apache HBase Overview

Provides an overview of Apache HBase database along with its benefits.

Apache Kudu

Apache Kudu Overview

Introduces Apache Kudu, with information on using Apache Impala with Kudu, Kudu concepts, architecture, and usage limitations.

Apache Kudu Background Operations

Provides information about the running background tasks that are important for many maintenance activities.