Sqoop 2 Health Tests

Sqoop 2 Server Health

This Sqoop 2 service-level health test checks for the presence of a running, healthy Sqoop 2 Server. The test returns "Bad" health if the service is running and the Sqoop 2 Server is not running. In all other cases it returns the health of the Sqoop 2 Server. A failure of this health test indicates a stopped or unhealthy Sqoop 2 Server. Check the status of the Sqoop 2 Server for more information. This test can be enabled or disabled using the Sqoop 2 Server Role Health Test Sqoop 2 Server service-wide monitoring setting.

Short Name: Sqoop 2 Server Health

Sqoop 2 Server Role Health Test

When computing the overall SQOOP health, consider Sqoop 2 Server's health
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Default Value
no unit