Setting up Kafka Connect in CDP Private Cloud Base

Learn how to set up Kafka Connect in an existing CDP Private Cloud Base cluster.

Kafka Connect in CDP is provided in the form of a Kafka service role. The role is called Kafka Connect. To set up Kafka Connect in your cluster, you must add one or more Kafka Connect role instances to the Kafka service in your cluster.
  1. Select the Kafka service.
  2. Go to Instances.
  3. Click Add Role Instances.
  4. Select hosts for the Kafka Connect role by clicking the Select Hosts box under Kafka Connect.
  5. Select one or more host and click Ok.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Optional: Review and configure the properties available on the Review Changes page based on your cluster and requirements.
  8. Start the Kafka Connect role.
    By default Kafka Connect roles do not start when first added.
    1. Select Kafka Connect roles by checking the checkbox next to each role.
    2. Click Actions for Selected > Start.
    3. Click Start when prompted.

One or more Kafka Connect roles are deployed and running on your cluster.

Integrate Kafka Connect with Streams Messaging Manager. Integration enables the Connect section in SMM, which allows you to interact with Kafka Connect through a UI interface. Integration is enabled by default in most scenarios. Manual configuration is only required if the Kafka Connect role instances and SMM are located on different CDP clusters.