Installing Postgres JDBC Driver

You must install the required Postgres JDBC driver.

Download, extract, and copy the JDBC driver, renamed, to /usr/share/java/. If the target directory does not yet exist, create it.

Installing the Postgres JDBC Driver

  1. Install the PostgreSQL JDBC driver by running the following command:
  2. Alternatively, if you would like to use the PostgreSQL JDBC driver version shipped with the OS repositories, run the following commands with a driver version that is compatible with the PostgreSQL Server version:
    sudo yum install postgresql-jdbc<compatible_version>
    sudo apt-get install libpostgresql-jdbc-java<compatible_version>
    sudo zypper install postgresql-jdbc<compatible_version>
  3. Rename the Postgres JDBC driver .jar file to postgresql-connector-java.jarand copy it to the /usr/share/java directory. The following copy command can be used if the Postgres JDBC driver .jar file is installed from the OS repositories:
    cp /usr/share/java/postgresql-jdbc.jar /usr/share/java/postgresql-connector-java.jar
  4. Confirm that the .jar file is in the Java share directory:
    ls /usr/share/java/
  5. Change the access mode of the .jar file to 644:
    chmod 644 /usr/share/java/postgresql-connector-java.jar