Data Access

Cloudera Data Platform Runtime includes Hue, a web-based interactive editor for querying the Hive metastore that also creates Oozie workflows. Cloudera Search integrates Apache Solr into Cloudera Data Platform to provide natural language access to data in CDP. Apache Sqoop is a client CLI-based tool that transfers data between an RDBMS and file systems or object stores.


Using Hue

Describes how to use Hue to query Apache Impala data sets and how to use it to browse metadata in Apache Atlas.

Administering Hue

Describes how to configure Hue, customize its web UI, and to enable integration with Apache Atlas.

Securing Hue

Describes how to set Hue user and application permissions, configure SSL connections, LDAP authentication, and integration with Apache Ranger and Knox.

Tuning Hue

Describes how to add a load balancer and configure high availability for Hue and between Hue and other components, such as Hive, Impala, and HDFS.


Migrating Data Using Sqoop

Explains how to move data from relational databases directly to Hive or to the file system or object store and how to move data back to Hive.

Application Access

Application Access

Explains how to connect to a CDP service(s) by downloading and installing Client RPMs/Debian Package.


Search Tutorial

A tutorial on using Cloudera Search.

Securing Cloudera Search

Describes how to secure Solr network connections, configure authentication and authorization.

Tuning Cloudera Search

Describes how to optimize Cloudera Search performance for various use cases.

Managing Cloudera Search

Describes how to configure and manage Cloudera Search.

Cloudera Search ETL

Describes how to perform ETL using Cloudera Search and Morphlines.

Indexing Data Using Cloudera Search

Describes how to index data using Cloudera Search.