Viewing Jobs

You can view YARN jobs, filter YARN jobs, and more from the YARN service Applications tab.

Do one of the following:

  • Select Clusters > Cluster name > YARN service name Applications.
  • On the Home > Status tab, select YARN service name and click the Applications tab.

The YARN jobs run during the selected time range display in the Results tab. The results displayed can be filtered by creating filter expressions.

You can also perform the following actions on this page:
Table 1. Viewing Jobs Actions
Action Description
Filter jobs that display. Create filter expressions manually, select preconfigured filters, or use the Workload Summary section to build a query interactively.
Select additional attributes for display. Click Select Attributes. Selected attributes also display as available filters in the Workload Summary section. To display information about attributes, hover over a field label.

Only attributes that support filtering appear in the Workload Summary section.

View a histogram of the attribute values. Click the icon to the right of each attribute displayed in the Workload Summary section.
Display charts based on the filter expression and selected attributes. Click the Charts tab.
Send a YARN application diagnostic bundle to Cloudera support. Click Collect Diagnostics Data.
Export a JSON file with the query results that you can use for further analysis. Click Export.