Rotating Ranger KMS access log files

How to configure properties that control access log file rotation in Ranger KMS service.

Ranger KMS access log files accrue in the following path: /var/log/ranger/kms/access_log.yyyy-mm-dd.log. By default, these files aren't removed which consumes free space in the /var/ directory. Currently, Ranger KMS access log files get rotated every hour , which amounts to 24 files per day.You can configure it to rotate every 24 hours using the safety valve. To do so, you must add a configuration property to the ranger-kms-site.xml file.

  1. In Cloudera Manager, select Ranger_KMS, then choose Configuration.
  2. On Configuration, in Search, type ranger-kms-site.
  3. In Ranger KMS Server Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for conf/ranger-kms-site.xml, click + (Add).
  4. Add a key-value pair that configures the rotation of Ranger KMS access log files.




  5. Click Save Changes.

    After saving changes, the Stale Configuration icon appears on the Cloudera Manager UI. Optionally, click Stale Configuration to view details.

  6. Select Actions > Restart.