Cumulative hotfix CDS 3.3.7190.5-2 (CDS 3.3 CHF4 for 7.1.9)

Know more about CDS 3.3 CHF4 for 7.1.9. This cumulative hotfix was released on June 17, 2024.

Following is the list of fixes that were shipped for CDS
  • CDPD-69879: HWC - java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: DEFAULT_MAX_WAIT
  • CDPD-69805: Spark - OpenCSVSerde treats blank value as null
  • CDPD-69760: Backport: [SPARK-46680][BUILD] Upgrade Apache commons-pool2 to 2.12.0
  • CDPD-69324: Backport SPARK-46779 and SPARK-47955
  • CDPD-67703: [CDS 3.3 for 7.1.9] SAC - Missing unknown leaf node: RelationV2
  • CDPD-67561: Backport [SPARK-47319][SQL] Improve missingInput calculation
  • CDPD-67338: Handle the ClassCastException of CDPD-40874 in the HWC layer
  • CDPD-67336: Revert the Spark change done as part of CDPD-40874, to add Identifier field
  • CDPD-64801: Livy - Upgrade datatables to 1.10.23+ due to CVE-2020-28458
  • CDPD-61470: Spark - Do not call HMS to get list of pruned partitions when translated filter is empty
  • CDPD-60979: Spark3 - Upgrade Apache Ivy to 2.5.2 due to CVE-2022-46751
  • CDPD-60845: Unable to write data to the non-default database using HWC
  • CDPD-58844: Spark - Upgrade Janino to 3.1.10 due to CVE-2023-33546
  • CDPD-47129: Spark - Handle empty CSV fields via OpenCSVSerde
Table 1. CDS cumulative hotfix 3.3.7190.5-2 download URL
Parcel Repository Location
Table 2. Supported Versions
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