Cumulative hotfix CDS 3.3.7190.4-1 (CDS 3.3 CHF3 for 7.1.9)

Know more about CDS 3.3 CHF3 for 7.1.9. This cumulative hotfix was released on March 11, 2024.

Following is the list of fixes that were shipped for CDS
  • CDPD-66981: [CDS 3.x] Broken lineage on Atlas when calling .cache() or .persist() method on a Spark DataFrame
  • CDPD-66940: Timezone value not getting updated in Livy 3
  • CDPD-66951: Livy3 server logs are missing on 7.1.9 FIPS clusters
  • CDPD-65588: [CDS 3.x] Exclude log4j dependencies from spark-atlas-connector assembly
  • CDPD-65584: [CDS 3.x] Spark - Upgraded Apache Derby to due to CVE-2022-46337
  • CDPD-65549: [CDS 3.3 for 7.1.9] Iceberg table does not show lineage in Spark for dataframe
  • CDPD-63725: HWC - Unhadled VarcharType(100) in Pyspark3 shell
  • CDPD-61021: Spark3: Add configuration for disabling fallback to saving in Spark specific format when saving as Hive table results in error
  • CDPD-46689: HWC - DIRECT_READER_V2 must handle delete delta files from delete & update queries
  • CDPD-44220: Fixed issues with Livy session recovery/HA failover on FIPS clusters
Table 1. CDS cumulative hotfix 3.3.7190.4-1 download URL
Parcel Repository Location
Table 2. Supported Versions
CDS Powered by Apache Spark Version Dependent Stack Version Supported CDP Version

Cloudera Runtime (7.1.9 CHF3) CDP Private Cloud Base with Cloudera Runtime 7.1.9