Cloudera Data Warehouse Data Service overview

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Data Service is a containerized application that enables you to create highly-performant, independent, self-service data warehouses for teams of business analysts without the overhead of bare metal deployments. Learn more about the service architecture, and how CDW enables data practitioners and IT administrators to achieve their goals.

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) enables you to implement powerful modern data architectures such as Data Mesh, Data Fabric, and Data Lakehouse. CDP supports a Data Lakehouse architecture by pre-integrating and unifying the capabilities of Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, to support data engineering, business intelligence, and machine learning – all on a single platform. Cloudera’s support for an open data lakehouse, centered on CDW, brings high-performance, self-service reporting and analytics to your business – simplifying data management for both for data practitioners and administrators.

CDW provides tight integration with the other Cloudera Data Services providing data ingestion, data engineering, machine learning, and data visualization.

CDW leverages Apache Impala, Hive ACID, and Hive table format to provide broad coverage, enabling the best optimized set of capabilities to each workload.

For data practitioners, CDW provides consistent quick response times with high concurrency, easy data exploration and business intelligence on any enterprise data across the Data Lake. CDW also supports streamlined application development with open standards, open file and table formats, and standard APIs. Through tenant isolation, CDW can process workloads that do not interfere with each other, so everyone meets report timelines while controlling costs.

For administrators, CDW simplifies administration by making multi-tenancy secure and manageable. Virtual Warehouses can be provisioned on-demand, using self-service, and de-provisioned when idle. Administrators also benefit from the ability to independently upgrade the Virtual Warehouses and Database Catalogs.