How predefined Kerberos principals are used in CDW Private Cloud

By default, Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) creates Kerberos principal names for Database Catalogs and Environments using the service hostname and the deterministic namespace name based on the name of the Database Catalog or Environment when you create a Database Catalog or an Environment. However, you can generate and provide the keytabs, if needed.

The service principals for CDW need to be the same as on the base cluster. For more information, see Customizing Kerberos principals in the CDP Private Base documentation.

By default, the host principals are generated programmatically. You can generate and provide the keytabs, but the hostnames in the Kerberos principals are fixed. CDW uses a deterministic namespace and environment IDs for the Kerberos principals.

When you specify an Environment or Database Catalog name, CDW appends a prefix as shown in the following table, as well as the Kerberos principal name based on them:
CDW entity User-specified name Namespace IDs with CDW-assigned prefix Hive Kerberos principal name
Environment my-test-env env-my-test-env-default hive/dwx-env-my-test-env.cdp.local@REALM.EXAMPLE.COM
Database Catalog my-test-catalog warehouse-my-test-catalog hive/metastore-service.warehouse-warehouse-my-test-catalog.svc.cluster.local@REALM.EXAMPLE.COM
Virtual Warehouse my-impala-warehouse impala-my-impala-warehouse NA