Understanding what is backed up

There are differences in the cluster configurations and objects that get backed up when you create backups using DRS or Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW)’s cluster management CDP CLI commands.

Use DRS to create on-demand backups of the Data Warehouse namespace, including Kubernetes objects, persistent volumes, and so on. See Using DRS with CDW. The output is backupCRN; where CRN is Customer Resource Number, a Cloudera-specific identifier for an environment.

Use the CDW’s CDP CLI cluster management commands to create a backup from the configuration and settings, including all the connected Database Catalog, Virtual Warehouses, and Data Visualization instances. The following settings are included when you back up using the CDW’s CDP CLI cluster management commands:
  • All environment activation settings:
    • Storage Class (Openshift Container Platform)
    • Security Context Constraint (SCC) (Openshift Container Platform)
    • Low Resource Mode
    • Quota Management
    • Resource Pool
    • Dedicated Executor Nodes
    • mTLS client credentials
  • All Database Catalog configurations that are associated with the environment. The Hue database is also backed up if you have created one.
  • All configurations associated with the Hive and Impala Virtual Warehouses.
  • All configurations associated with the Cloudera Data Visualization instances. The database that is associated with the CDV instance is also backed up so that the visualizations, dashboards, data connections, and so on are preserved.