Connect to Unified Analytics with a BI tool

After you downloaded the JDBC driver, you must set up a BI tool such as Tableau to connect with the Unified Analytics engine.

Before you can use Tableau with an Impala/Hive Virtual Warehouses, you must populate your Database Catalog with sample data when you create it. You must also create a Impala/Hive Virtual Warehouse and enable Unified Analytics, which is configured to connect to the Database Catalog that is populated with data.

  1. Click on the Impala Virtual Warehouse tile.
  2. Select Copy Unified Analytics JDBC URL.
  3. Paste the copied JDBC URL into a text file. It should look similar to the following:
  4. From the text file where you just pasted the URL, copy the host name from the JDBC URL to your system's clipboard. For example, in the URL shown in Step 3, the host name is:
  5. Start Tableau and navigate to Connect > Moreā€¦ > Cloudera Hadoop:

    This launches the Cloudera Hadoop dialog box.

  6. In the Tableau Cloudera Hadoop dialog box, paste the host name you copied to your clipboard in Step 4 into the Server field:

  7. Then in the Tableau Cloudera Hadoop dialog box, set the following other options:
    • Port: 443
    • Type: HiveServer2
    • Authentication: Username and Password
    • Transport: HTTP
    • Username: Username you use to connect to the CDP Data Warehouse service.
    • Password: Password you use to connect to the CDP Data Warehouse service.
    • HTTP Path: cliservice
    • Require SSL: Make sure this is checked.
  8. Click Sign In.