Configuring Impala coordinator shutdown

To optimize resource utilization, you need to know how to configure Impala coordinators to automatically shutdown during idle periods. You need to know how to prevent unnecessary restarts. Monitoring programs that periodically connect to Impala can cause unnecessary restarts.

When you create a Virtual Warehouse, you can configure Impala coordinators to automatically shutdown during idle periods. The coordinator start up can last several minutes, so clients connected to the Virtual Warehouse can time out.
  • Update impyla, jdbc, impala shell clients if used to connect to Impala.
  1. Follow instructions for "Creating a Virtual Warehouse".
  2. Select a size for the Virtual Warehouse.
  3. Do not select the Disable AutoSuspend option.
    The Impala coordinator does not automatically shutdown unless the Impala executors are suspended.
  4. Select the Allow Shutdown of Coordinator option.
    After Impala executors have been suspended, the Impala coordinator waits for the time period specified by the Trigger Shutdown Delay before shutting down.

    For example, if AutoSuspend Timeout = 300 seconds and Trigger Shutdown Delay=150 seconds, after 300 seconds of inactivity Impala executors suspend, and then 150 seconds later, the Impala coordinator shuts down.

  5. Accept default values for other settings, or change the values to suit your use case, and click Create Virtual Warehouse.
    Click the tooltip for information about a setting.