Backup and restore in CDW Private Cloud

The backup/restore feature saves your environment parameters, making it possible to recreate your environment with the same settings, URL, and connection strings you used in your previous environment. Learn about the different backup and restore methods, objects and configurations that are included in the backup, and the backup method to use in different scenarios.

For cluster maintenance and integrity, you can back up the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) cluster including its Kubernetes objects, persistent volumes, autoscaling configuration, and so on for various CDW entities such as the environment, Database Catalog, Virtual Warehouses, and Data Visualization instance. You can recreate the deployment by restoring the backed-up configurations and settings, as part of the planned maintenance or in a disaster recovery scenario.

Available backup and restore methods

There are two ways to backup and restore the Data Warehouse service:

  • Using Data Recovery Service (DRS)
  • Using the CDW’s CDP CLI cluster management commands

Both these methods use CDP CLI commands. The CDP Management Console also provides a graphical user interface to perform backup and restore operations. See DRS automatic backups and Using DRS with CDW.

Deciding which backup method to use

Use DRS to back up all Private Cloud Data Services environment configurations for an ECS or Private Cloud Data Services upgrade. DRS takes a snapshot of the namespace on the Kubernetes cluster. You can also choose DRS if some Control Plane service fails and you need to reinstall it with a previously preserved configuration.

If you just want to back up your Database Catalog or Virtual Warehouse configurations to recreate CDW from an earlier configuration, use CDW’s backup and restore commands.