What's new in Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud

Review the new features in this release of Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on Private Cloud.

Hue supports natural language query processing (Preview)

Hue leverages the power of Large Language Models (LLM) to help you generate SQL queries from natural language prompts and also provides options to optimize, explain, and fix queries, promoting efficient and accurate practices for accessing and manipulating data. You can use several AI services and models such as OpenAI’s GPT service, Amazon Bedrock, and Azure’s OpenAI service to run the Hue SQL AI assistant.

Improvements to custom pod configuration (now known as Resource Templates)

Several improvements and changes have been made to the custom pod configuration functionality starting with CDP Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.4. The custom pod configuration has been renamed to Resource Templates.
  • A new menu option Resource Templates has been added to the left navigation pane on the CDW web interface.
  • You can now configure the allocation of Kubernetes resources to the pods for Hive, Data Visualization, and Database Catalog in addition to Impala.
  • The Impala pod configuration feature is moved from the Environment Details page to the Resource Templates page.
For more information, see Resource templates for CDW Private Cloud pods.

Flexibility to enable and disable quota management for CDW entities

Earlier, you were required to enable the quota management option before activating an environment to use quota-managed resource pools for environments, Data Catalogs, Virtual Warehouses, and Data Visualization instances in CDW. Starting with CDP Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.4, you can enable or disable the quota management option at any time during the lifecycle of the CDW entities. To learn more about the behavioral aspects, see Quota Management in CDW Private Cloud.

A new option called --resource-pool (string) has been added to the CDP CLI commands for CDW Private Cloud using which you can specify the resource pool for the CDW entity (Virtual Warehouse, cluster/environment, Data Visualization instance).

Added support for authentication between CDW and HMS database using mTLS

CDW and the Hive MetaStore (HMS) database on the base cluster can mutually authenticate each other during the SSL/TLS handshake using mTLS for all supported backend databases (Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, and Postgres). To set up mTLS, you must upload the database client certificate and the private key files in PEM format while activating an environment in CDW. See Enabling mTLS between the HMS database and CDW on Private Cloud.

Ability to enable active-passive configuration for HiveServer2 pods

CDW provides an option to enable active-passive configuration for HiveServer2 (HS2) pods in Private Cloud. By enabling this feature, two HS2 pods run simultaneously–one active and the other inactive. When one pod terminates, the inactive pod becomes active, providing High Availability. See HiveServer2 High Availability in CDW Private Cloud. The most likely cause of a pod's termination is node failure.

Improvements to backup and restore CDW

There are two ways to backup and restore the Data Warehouse service:
  • Using Data Recovery Service (DRS)
  • Using the CDW’s CDP CLI cluster management commands

Both these methods use CDP CLI commands. The CDP Management Console also provides a graphical user interface to perform backup and restore operations. See DRS automatic backups and Using DRS with CDW.

To learn about the different backup and restore methods, objects and configurations that are included in the backup, deciding which method to use, see Backup and restore in CDW Private Cloud.

New advanced configuration option to backup Virtual Warehouse namespaces before an upgrade

By default, CDW backs up namespace-related data before starting the upgrade process using the Data Recovery Service (DRS). A new option has been added to disable the automatic backup process on the Advanced Configuration page in the CDW web interface.

CDW no longer has a dependency on YARN

Environment activation in CDW no longer depends on or fails if the YARN service is not installed on the CDP Base cluster.