Built-in BI clients and drivers in CDW

You can connect BI tools and SQL clients such as Beeline, impala-shell, impyla, Tableau, and so on to Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) and use them to explore and query data in the Data Lakehouse.

CDW provides built-in downloadables such as Hive JDBC driver for connecting JDBC-compliant tools to the Virtual Warehouses, Beeline CLI, Impala JDBC and ODBC drivers for connecting to Impala Virtual Warehouses, and a JDBC driver for using with Unified Analytics. You can download these from the Resources and Downloads tile present on the Overview page.

Cloudera recommends that you use the latest versions of Beeline, JDBC or ODBC drivers, impala-shell, or Impyla to connect to CDW. The versions of these BI client tools that are installed on the CDP Base nodes could be old and may not have newer features that CDW supports.