Viewing a compaction alert using Grafana

Learn how to access Grafana dashboards from Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) to view compaction alerts and take necessary actions to keep your cluster healthy. Alternatively, you can also access Grafana from the Management Console.

You must have an activated CDW environment to view dashboards for CDW service resources in Grafana.

You can also access the Grafana dashboards from the Management Console by going to the Dashboard page and clicking Monitoring Dashboard.

Perform the following steps to access Grafana from CDW:

  1. In the Data Warehouse service, click Overview and expand the Environments column.
  2. Click and locate an environment that you activated for Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), which has the default Database Catalog.
  3. Click the environment options and select Open Grafana.

    Option to launch Grafana from CDW
  4. In the Grafana web interface, click and then select Dashboards.
    A list of dashboard groups is displayed.
  5. Locate and click the <Environment Name>- Data Warehouse - Hive - Compaction observability dashboard group to view all the dashboards related to Hive compactions.

    Grafana Hive prebuilt dashboards