Fixed issues in Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud

Review the issues fixed in this release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service.

DWX-16589: CDW does not display an error when Virtual Warehouses do not have sufficient quota to scale up
When a Virtual Warehouse did not have enough quota to scale up, the autoscaling failed. But CDW did not display any error on the CDW web interface and you had to manually configure the autoscaling options according to the available quota. This issue has been resolved.
VIZ-2269: CDW Virtual Warehouse connection to Data Visualization error
The "not authorized to delegate" error caused by impersonation configurations no longer occurs when creating or editing the Virtual Warehouse connection. For more information, see Data Visualization release notes.
DWX-16591: Concurrent merge and update Iceberg queries are failing
Earlier, concurrent merge and update Iceberg queries failed with the following error in the Hive application logs: "Base metadata location hdfs://[***LOCATION-A***] is not same as the current table metadata location ‘[***LOCATION-B***]’ for default.merge_insert_target_iceberg\rorg.apache.iceberg.exceptions.CommitFailedException". This issue has been fixed.
DWX-14292: Impala executors and coordinator pods get stuck in pending state
Earlier, the low resource mode overrode the default pod configuration and therefore, the executors and coordinator pods could not request the set amount of memory and CPU. You had to activate the environment without selecting the Low resource mode and instead create custom pod configurations with lower resources for Impala. This issue has been resolved.
DWX-15100: Impala doesn't release the query profiles until the session is closed by the client
The queries you submitted from Hue were stuck in the Waiting to be closed state and that the last query submitted was not displayed on the Job Browse page in Hue. This issue has been fixed.