List of labels for third-party integration

You can integrate third-party apps and services with CDW by using node labels. By tagging and labeling Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) entities and providing the Helm charts of the services you want to integrate, the third-party applications can write Kubernetes injectors to add custom services to CDW without modifying the CDW Docker images. These services then run as sidecar containers to the CDW pods.

Pod labels for labeling CDW entities

The following table provides a list of labels with accepted values and examples:
Label key Description Accepted values The application name
  • database-catalog
  • impala
  • hive
  • hue The component name
  • metastore
  • coordinator
  • executor
  • admission-controller
  • catalog
  • statestore
  • hiveserver2
  • frontend
  • backend The CDP Runtime version for Hive, Impala, and Hue See the CDW component version information The CDW version See the CDW component version information