Required tags for CloudFormation stacks created with reduced permissions mode

This is a list of tags you must manually apply to AWS CloudFormation stack resources when you use the reduced permissions mode to activate environments for Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW).

Table 1. Required tags for CloudFormation stacks created with reduced permissions mode in CDW
Tag key Tag value
clusterName Name of the CDP environment registered with Management Console
data-warehouse-env-owner Email ID of the account of the user who owns the stack and is a user who has access to the CDP environment. This is the email ID of the email address that is listed for Email on the Users page of the User Management module of Management Console.

Name of the CDW CloudFormation stack. In the format:


For example:

clusterId CDW environment ID that is displayed in the environment tile in the CDW UI. For example: env-hmrt2z

CDP environment ID (CRN [Cloudera Resource Name]). In the format:

crn:cdp:environments:<region>:<account-ID>: environment:<identifier>

For example:


CRN (Cloudera Resource Name) from the user's profile in the User Management module of CDP. For example:


Tenant ID. In the above CRN example, the tenant ID is the GUID listed immediately after the AWS region: 9d74eee4-1cad-45d7-b645-7ccf9edbb73d