Reduced permissions mode for AWS environments

If you cannot provide the standard set of IAM permissions required by Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) for environment activation, you can use the reduced permissions mode.

This feature enables you to activate an AWS environment for CDW with fewer than half of the standard required IAM permissions on your AWS cross-account IAM role. When activating an AWS environment in CDW, if the system detects that your account does not have the standard set of required IAM permissions, it invokes this feature. Then you must manually create the cloud resources in your AWS account and tag them appropriately instead of having CDW automatically do this for you. To assist you, CDW pre-populates the required CloudFormation template for you within the AWS console, but you must perform the manual steps to create the stack. When you are finished using the stack, you must manually delete it in the AWS console. For a list of the standard set of required IAM permissions, see the link at the bottom of this page.