Modifying the size of a Virtual Warehouse

After you create a Virtual Warehouse, you can tune the auto-scaling thresholds if your workload demand increases or decreases, but you cannot adjust the size of the warehouse. The size determines the number of nodes of your Virtual Warehouse, which determines the maximum number of concurrent queries it can serve. To change the size of your Virtual Warehouse, you must delete it, and then recreate it in the new size you require.

Required role: DWAdmin

Only delete Virtual Warehouses that are stopped. To determine whether a Virtual Warehouse is stopped or running, check the Stopped or Running icon on its tile in the Overview page or in the list on the Virtual Warehouses page:
Figure 1. Virtual Warehouse Stopped/Running icon on the Overview page

  1. Log in to the CDP web interface and navigate to the Data Warehouse service.
  2. On the Overview page of the Data Warehouse service, make note of the name of the Virtual Warehouse you want to modify and which Database Catalog it is configured to access.
  3. In the tile for the Virtual Warehouse that you want to modify, click the options menu and select Delete:

    The Virtual Warehouse terminates processes, shuts down, and is deleted.

  4. Still on the Overview page of the Data Warehouse service, in the Virtual Warehouse column, click the plus sign to create a new Virtual Warehouse:

  5. In the New Virtual Warehouse dialog box:
    1. Type the name of the Virtual Warehouse that you just deleted.
    2. Select the Database Catalog that the deleted warehouse was configured to access.
    3. Select the new size.
    4. Configure the auto-scaling thresholds.
  6. Click Create.