Configuring auto-scaling

When you create a Virtual Warehouse, you set auto-scaling to increase and decrease resources according to demand. Auto-scaling relinquishes resources when demand decreases to limit unnecessary cloud expenses. Auto-scaling increases resources to speed performance.

Auto-scaling is designed for huge workloads in production, so if you are evaluating CDW, or just learning, simply accept the default values. Later, you can edit the Virtual Warehouse to tune auto-scaling.

Before configuring or tuning auto-scaling, you need to understand the auto-scaling process to make good configuration decisions. As a Hive Virtual Warehouse user, choose the method of auto-scaling and see the relevant configuration subtopic (below):
  • Concurrency for BI-type queries
  • Isolation for ETL-type queries

To configure auto-scaling in a Hive or Impala Virtual Warehouse, see the topics below: