Connecting CDW and Kudu

You can configure an Impala Virtual Warehouse to connect to Kudu in Data Hub and then create tables stored in Kudu from Impala. You learn prerequisites, gather information for the configuration, and see the steps for making the connection. There are several advantages of running Kudu queries from CDW.

Running Kudu queries from an Impala Virtual Warehouse provides benefits, such as isolation from noisy neighbors, auto-scaling, and autosuspend. After configuring an Impala Virtual Warehouse to connect to Kudu, you can create Kudu tables using Hue or the Impala shell.


You must meet the following requirements:

  • Obtain the DWAdmin role.
  • Get permission to access Data Hub 7.2.15, or later, details to obtain Kudu cluster information.

    CDP Public Cloud Data Hub cluster 7.2.15, or later, is required

  • Reactivate your AWS or Azure environment version to get 1.6.1-b258 with runtime 2023.0.13.20 (released Feb 7, 2023) and use an Impala Virtual Warehouse.

    Alternatively, run a past release 1.5.1-b110 with runtime 2022.0.12.0-90 or earlier, and perform additional Kubernetes configuration described in the next topic "Setting up a past release for a CDW-Kudu connection" (below), and use an Impala Virtual Warehouse.

  • Activate the enviroment outside CDW, so you have an SDX-activated environment. The Database Catalog of an SDX-activated environment displays the SDX indicator for DATALAKE as shown below: