Configuring a CDW-Kudu connection

The steps for making the connection involve setting a Impala coordinator property to the fully qualfied domain names (FQDNs) of the Kudu master hosts.

  • You must meet the prerequisites listed in the "Connecting CDW and Kudu".
  • You need to have gathered the FQDNs of Kudu master hosts as described in the previous topic, "Gathering Kudu master FQDNs".
  1. From the Management Console or CDP landing page, navigate to Data Warehouses.
  2. In Virtual Warehouses, select your Impala Virtual Warehouse, and click Options > Edit.
  3. In Details, click CONFIGURATIONS > Impala coordinator.
  4. If you have a new Virtual Warehouse created using version 2023.0.13-20, select flagfile from the drop-down list, and set the kudu_master_hosts key to a list of all Kudu master FQDNs.
    New Virtual Warehouse example:,,
    This screenshot shows the three FQDNs, oversimplified for readability.
    Existing Virtual Warehouse:
    If you upgraded an existing Virtual Warehouse to version 2023.0.13.20, you must perform two configurations:
    • Click +, and in Add Custom Configurations, set kudu_master_hosts to the FQDN of a single master host as shown below:
    • Select flagfile from the drop-down list, and add the FQDNs of other Kudu master hosts to the value of kudu_master_hosts.
  5. Apply the change.
    When the Virtual Warehouse finishes updating, you can query Kudu tables from Hue, an Impala shell, or an ODBC/JDBC client. For example:
    CREATE TABLE my_first_kudu_table
      id BIGINT,
      name STRING,
      PRIMARY KEY(id)
    Insert into my_first_kudu_table values (101,’A’),(102,’B’),(103,’C’);
    Select * from my_first_kudu_table;