Azure support

Like AWS, CDP environments are closely related to the virtual private network concept in your Azure account as well. Also registering an environment provides CDP access to resources in your Azure account and a single CDP environment is contained within a single region in Azure. All resources that are deployed by CDP are deployed within that region and within one specific virtual network. After you have registered an environment in CDP, you can start provisioning CDP resources such as clusters, which run on the physical infrastructure in an Azure data center.

The following diagram shows the components of a CDP environment on Azure:

The diagram illustrates all major user-created and CDP-created components of an environment:

  • The items in dark blue boxes with orange outlines can either be automatically provisioned by CDP on your Azure account, or you can optionally pre-create them and specify them when registering an environment.
  • The items in dark blue boxes must be pre-created by your CDP administrator prior to environment registration and then specified when registering an environment.
  • The items in orange boxes are automatically provisioned on Azure by CDP as part of environment provisioning.

Information that describes how to register an Azure environment with CDP is linked to at the end of this page.