May 14, 2020

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse service on CDP Public Cloud introduces the following new features and improvements:

Simplified private networking deployments on AWS

Private networking deployments on AWS for Data Warehouse service have been simplified. When using the Private Load Balancer, Private Worker Nodes deployment mode, both public and private subnets in your AWS VPC are no longer needed. Now this deployment mode only requires 3 private subnets. For more information, see Supported deployment modes for private networking in AWS.

Impala Virtual Warehouses offer faster SQL analytics

Impala Virtual Warehouses have been improved with the following enhancements:

  • More granular control and performance optimizations on multi-threaded query execution.
  • Improved read performance for ORC tables with nested type columns.
  • Improved automatic updates of metadata.

Generate and download Impala diagnostic bundles

You can now generate and download diagnostic bundles of log files for Impala Virtual Warehouses on AWS environments. For more information, see Downloading Impala diagnostic bundles from AWS.

Launch Grafana dashboards from environment tiles in Cloudera Data Warehouse service

You can now launch Grafana dashboards from environment tiles in the Cloudera Data Warehouse service to monitor the following components:

  • Hive
  • Impala
  • Istio mesh
  • Kubernetes clusters

For more information, see Connecting to Grafana dashboards.

Single Sign-On (SSO) support for Hue with Hive Virtual Warehouses

You can now access Hue to query Hive Virtual Warehouses from the Virtual Warehouse tile:

DAS updates

In this release, DAS has been updated as follows:

  • You can now specify administrative groups for the DAS web app.
  • Multi-DAG support for a single Hive query.