Configuring alert notifications

As Administrator, you need to learn how to configure alert notifications that appear in the user notification system. The notifications supplement alert information in charts on the Manage/Hive/Compaction Observability dashboard in Grafana. You learn to use the UI for this configuration, but alternatively, you can use the Kubernetes configuration method.

In this task, you see how to funnel alerts into a user notification system. In the next task, you see how to use the Kubernetes configuration method.
  1. Log in to the CDP web interface, navigate to Data Warehouse > Overview, and navigate to Alert Settings.
  2. In Alert Manager Configuration, configure the receiver object by following instructions in the Prometheus AlertManager v.0.20.0 documentation to configure the receiver object.
    For example, a simple WebHook configuration looks something like this:
      resolve_timeout: 5m
      group_by: ['alertname', 'namespace', 'service']
      group_wait: 30s
      group_interval: 5m
      repeat_interval: 3h
      receiver: notification_system
      - name: 'notification_system'
          - url:
            send_resolved: true
      - source_match:
          severity: 'error'
          severity: 'warning'
        equal: ['alertid', 'namespace', 'service']
    For information about integration possibilities, see the receiver section.
  3. Click Save, and then Apply.
    The alertmanager recognizes the change and automatically updates the configuration.