Known Issues in AWS environments for Cloudera Data Warehouse service on public clouds

DWX-4577: For AWS environments only, if the region is "us-east-1" endpoints might return a 503 error
Problem: If the DHCP option set defines the domain name as domain-name=us-east-1.compute.internal and the endpoints (Grafana dashboards, DAS, Hue, JDBC, and so on) are returning 503 errors, then it is possible that the node name and the hostnames do not match.

Use the kubectl command line tool to get the node name and hostname being used. See Install and Set Up kubectl in the Kubernetes documentation.

Using kubectl run the following command:

kubectl get nodes -L ""

This command returns the node name and host name. For example:

NAME                                            STATUS   ROLES             AGE     VERSION               HOSTNAME
ip-192-168-118-73.ec2.internal    Ready    shared-services   66d     v1.15.10-eks-bac369

The above example shows that the node name domain is set to ec2.internal and the hostname domain is set to us-east-1.compute.internal. This can cause problems with starting the kube-proxy, which is running within the Kubernetes cluster and is responsible for forwarding traffic to the Ingress controller. To resolve this issue, use kubectl to change the externalTrafficPolicy of the nginx Ingress controller from Local to Cluster:

kubectl edit svc nginx-service -n cluster
         clusterIP: 10.x.x.x
         externalTrafficPolicy: Local

Replace Local with Cluster, save it, and then quit the editor.

After making this change, re-open the endpoints to confirm that the issue is resolved.