Backing up and restoring CDW

The backup and restore procedures for AWS and Azure replace the in-place upgrade Cloudera offered for AWS environments. To get the supported Kubernetes version, you back up your old AWS or Azure environment and start up a new environment using the restoration process.

The backup/restore feature saves your environment parameters, making it possible to recreate your environment with the same settings, URL, and connection strings you used in your previous environment.

You can back up and restore CDW using automatic and manual procedures. The following list summarizes the following high-level procedures to upgrade:

  1. Back up the configurations of the Database Catalog and Virtual Warehouse(s) in the existing environment.

  2. Deactivate your CDW environment.

  3. [Optional] manually activate a new environment using manually backed up configurations.

  4. Restore the environment, default Database Catalog, and Virtual Warehouses.

  5. Monitor the Hue and Data Visualization database restore process.