Cluster URLs after reactivation

It is important to understand the difference between cluster URLs before and after activation.

Current URL format

New CDW environments deploy a URL in a new format that will be preserved even after environment reactivation. The new format is:

<vw name>.<dw environment name>.<tenant id>
New format example:
The new URL consists of the following components:
  • Virtual Warehouse name
  • CDW environment name
  • Static tenant identifier

If this format is already in use, the current URLs will be preserved for both Hue and JDBC.

Old URL format

Old CDW environments use a different format. Old format example:
The old URL consists of the following components:
  • Virtual Warehouse name
  • A random generated environment identifier
  • A .dw separator
  • Tenant ID

URL actions and recommendations

If a new environment is being activated, the old format will change to the new format. It is highly recommended to move to the new format to simplify the environment backup and restore in the future.

This recommendation is because the old format has a dynamic environment id that changes upon reactivation which changes the URL endpoints. Whereas, the new format has a static environment ID that does not change upon reactivation and maintains the URL endpoints. Additionally, Cloudera may deprecate the old format in a future release.

Should there be a need to preserve the old URL format in old CDW environments, a workaround is available and documented as an <OPTIONAL> step in the "Reactivating the environment" section below. To be able to preserve the old URL format, contact support to enable the CDW_CUSTOM_CLUSTER_ID entitlement.