Azure Kubernetes Service upgrade

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster requires regular updates to the Kubernetes versions. Using the latest AKS version supported by Cloudera avoids compatibility issues between Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) and Azure resources.

Using the Azure CLI or Azure portal to upgrade the AKS cluster is not supported, but through the environment activation from CDW process you can automatically get and use the latest supported AKS version in your CDW cluster.

AKS 1.26 is provisioned automatically when you activate your environment from CDW using release 1.6.4-b161 (released May 30, 2023) and onwards.

To restore the state of your CDW cluster after re-activation, Cloudera recommends using the backup-restore functionality introduced in 1.6.4-b161 (released May 30, 2023). For more information, see Backing up and restoring CDW.