Known issues in Hue on public clouds

Learn about the known issues related to the Hue query editor in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on public clouds, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

DWX-7016: Hue stops working with the “ProgrammingError: column axes_accessattempt.trusted does not exist” error
Problem: If you have two Virtual Warehouses, say VW-1 and VW-2 of an existing CDW version pointing to a Database Catalog, say DC-1, and if you create a new Virtual Warehouse VW-3 when a newer CDW version is available, corresponding to DC-1, then Hue may stop working from VW-1 and VW-2. This happens because Hue’s backend database gets upgraded when you create VW-3. At this point, VW-3 is of the latest CDW versions and VW-1, VW-2, and DC-1 are on an older CDW version.
Workaround: Upgrade the VW-1, VW-2, and DC-1 to the latest CDW version as VW-3.
DWX-6674: Hue connection fails on cloned Impala Virtual Warehouses after upgrading
Problem: If you clone an Impala Virtual Warehouse from a recently upgraded Impala Virtual Warehouse, and then try to connect to Hue, the connection fails.
Workaround: Create a new Impala Virtual Warehouse and do not clone from a recently upgraded warehouse. Then the connection to Hue from the new Impala Virtual Warehouse succeeds.
DWX-5650: Hue only makes the first user a superuser for all Virtual Warehouses within a Data Catalog
Problem: Hue marks the user that logs in to Hue from a Virtual Warehouse for the first time as the Hue superuser. But if multiple Virtual Warehouses are connected to a single Data Catalog, then the first user that logs in to any one of the Virtual Warehouses within that Data Catalog is the Hue superuser.

For example, consider that a Data Catalog DC-1 has two Virtual Warehouses VW-1 and VW-2. If a user named John logs in to Hue from VW-1 first, then he becomes the Hue superuser for all the Virtual Warehouses within DC-1. At this time, if Amy logs in to Hue from VW-2, Hue does not make her a superuser within VW-2.