Known Issues in Azure environments for Cloudera Data Warehouse service on public clouds

DWX-5450: Collect Diagnostic Bundle option throws an error
Problem: For Virtual Warehouses that use Azure environments the Collect Diagnostic Bundle menu option fails and throws an error.

Workaround: none
DWX-4356: For Azure environments only, enabling Log Analytics with Azure Monitor causes CDW to stall in a pending state
Problem: If the Log Analytics agent (OMS-Agent-for-Linux) is enabled with Azure Monitor, it causes scheduling issues with CDW that in turn cause the Virtual Warehouse to stall in a pending state. For more information about Log Analytics in Azure, see the Azure documentation for Azure Monitor and the description of OMS-Agent-for-Linux in GitHub.
Workaround: Do not enable the Log Analytics agent. If it has been enabled by accident, turn off monitoring, which should remove the agent. For information about how to turn off monitoring, see How to stop monitoring your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Azure Monitor for containers in the Azure documentation.
DWX-3420: For Azure environments, the Show Kubeconfig option does not work
Problem: The more menu option used to display the kubeconfig file for Azure environments is grayed out and does not work:

Workaround: Use the following Azure CLI command:
az aks get-credentials -n <your-environment-ID>-dwx-rg-mc -g <your-environment-ID>-dwx-rg

Then use the Kubernetes kubectl config view command to view the kubeconfig file for your AKS cluster.

For example, if your environment id is env-hsdcq9, the following command fetches the cluster credentials:

az aks get-credentials -n env-hsdcq9-dwx-rg-mc -g env-hsdcq9-dwx-rg

For more information, see Get and verify the configuration information in the Microsoft Azure documentation.