Configuring custom properties using safety valves

You can configure Hue properties that are not directly exposed through the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) web UI by specifying them in the Hue Configuration called hue-safety-valve for a Virtual Warehouse. These configurations are stored in the hue.ini file.

Required role: DWAdmin

  1. In the Data Warehouse Overview page, click the edit icon for a Virtual Warehouse associated with Hue.
  2. On the Virtual Warehouse details page, click the Hue tab and select hue-safety-valve from the drop-down menu:
    Figure 1. Custom configurations for Hue

    Hue safety valve configuration
  3. Specify the custom configuration properties in the space provided as shown in the following examples:
    For AWS:
          access_key_id=<access key id>
          secret_access_key=<secret access key>
          region=<aws region>
    For Azure:
          client_id=<client id>
          client_secret=<client secret>
          tenant_id=<tenant id>
           fs_defaultfs=abfs://<container name>@<storage account>
           webhdfs_url=https://<storage account>
  4. Click Apply in the upper right corner of the page.