General known issues for Cloudera Data Warehouse service on public clouds

DWX-5296: Kerberos configuration update needed before cloning Database Catalogs and Virtual Warehouses
Problem: If you clone a Database Catalog or Virtual Warehouse (either Hive or Impala) before updating the Kerberos configuration, they will return a timeout error.
Workarounds: Update the Kerberos configuration using the following steps.

For Impala Virtual Warehouses:

  1. In the Data Warehouse Overview page, click the edit icon for the Impala Virtual Warehouse that you want to clone.
  2. On the Virtual Warehouse details page, click the Hue tab and select hive-kerberos-config from the drop-down menu:

  3. Under the [realms] section of the configuration, locate the admin_server and the kdc fields. Replace those two lines with the following:
    admin_server = kerberos.{{.Values.krbRealm}}:749
    kdc = kerberos.{{.Values.krbRealm}}:88
  4. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 for Impala catalogd and Impala coordinator components.
  5. Click Apply in the upper right corner of the page.
  6. Clone the Impala Virtual Warehouse and give it a new name.
  7. After the Impala Virtual Warehouse is in the Created state, click Start and wait for it to move to the Running state.

To update the Kerberos configuration for Database Catalogs and Hive Virtual Warehouses, update the configuration in the same way as described for Impala Virtual Warehouses, except you must update these for different components as listed below:

  • Update the Kerberos configuration for the following Database Catalog components:
    • Databus producer
    • Metastore
  • Update the Kerberos configuration for the following Hive Virtual Warehouse components:
    • DAS Webapp
    • Hiveserver2
    • Hue (if CDW_HUE_LLAP entitlement is granted for the account)
    • Query executor