Version mapping

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) includes components covered in the Cloudera Runtime documentation. A mapping of the Cloudera Data Warehouse versions to its Runtime documentation counterpart provides the path you follow to select the correct Cloudera Runtime documentation. The version of the documentation that matches your CDW Version appears in the table below.

  • If your CDW version is 2021.0.4-b9 (released November 20, 2021) or earlier, read Cloudera Runtime 7.2.11 documentation.
  • If your CDW version is 2021. (released December 22, 2021) or later, read Cloudera Data Warehouse Runtime documentation.
Table 1. CDW version to Runtime documentation map
CDW Version Documentation
1.4.1-b86 (released June, 22, 2022) Data Warehouse Runtime
2022-0.7.1-2 (released May 10, 2022) Data Warehouse Runtime
2022.0.7.0-80 (released April 27, 2022) Data Warehouse Runtime
2021.0.6-b96 (released March 8, 2022) Data Warehouse Runtime
2021.0.5-b36 (released January 19, 2022) Data Warehouse Runtime
2021.0.4.1-3 (released December 22, 2021) Data Warehouse Runtime
2021.0.4-b9 (released November 20, 2021) Cloudera Runtime 7.2.11
2021.0.3-b27 (released October 29, 2021)Cloudera Runtime 7.2.11
2021.0.2-b23 (released October 5, 2021) Cloudera Runtime 7.2.11
2021.0.1.-b10 (released August 27, 2021) Cloudera Runtime 7.2.11
2021.0.0.-b33 (released August 9, 2021) Cloudera Runtime 7.2.11
The following table lists the Impala shell and impyla versions your client users need to connect to particular versions CDW.
Table 2. CDW Runtime version to Impala client versions
CDW Runtime Version Impala shell version impyla version
2021.0.5-b36 or later 4.1.0a1 0.18a2