July 13, 2021

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces these changes.

Impala Debug Web UIs are now available in CDW

You can now use the Impala debug web UIs in CDW, which map to equivalent debug web UIs in Cloudera Manager as follows:

CDW Debug Web UI Cloudera Manager Equivalent
Impala Catalog Web UI Catalog Server Web UI
Impala Coordinator Web UI Impala Daemon Web UI
Impala StateStore Web UI StateStore Web UI

For more information about this feature, see Use the Web UI to debug Impala Virtual Warehouses.

Auto-scaling demos have been disabled

Due to critical security issues discovered in the auto-scaling demo components, the demo has been disabled.

CDW UI improvements

Error messages and UI labels have been enhanced for readability and usefulness.