May 5, 2023 fixed issues

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud fixes these issues.

CDPD-48893: Hue logs get overwritten without a clear root cause
In previous implementations, multiple file handlers would write to a single log file, causing the Hue logs to be overwritten. Hue now uses a socket handler, which solves this problem.
DWX-14630 Issue creating a Virtual Warehouse using the CLI
A problem when creating an Impala Virtual Warehouse using the CLI in 1.6.2 has been fixed. The problem caused the Impala Coordinator auto shutdown to fail when HA was disabled.
DWX-8980 Data consistency problem occurs when sharing a Database Catalog
Events are now raised in the Hive metastore when a refresh/invalidate command is run. Catalog daemons process events synchronously across all Virtual Warehouses that share metadata. The catalog cache across all the Virtual Warehouses that share a Database Catalog is synchronized and consistent.