Running the JSON output example

You see the example JSON output when you run the Workload Insights command with the -f JSON option.

In the input directory src/test/resources/demo/queries, a file named queryA.sql contains queryA.
  1. Go to the github directory where you downloaded and built the project.
    The Worload Insights (wi) script is located in this directory.
  2. Run the script to get a JSON-formatted recommendation.
    ./wi -i queries/queryA.sql -u jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000 -f JSON
    The output is:
      "recommended_views" : [ {
        "name" : "materialized_view_1",
        "sql" : "CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW `materialized_view_1` AS\nSELECT `store_returns`.`sr_item_sk`, SUM(`store_returns`.`sr_net_loss`) AS `$f1`\nFROM `default`.`reason`,\n`default`.`store_returns`\nWHERE `store_returns`.`sr_reason_sk` = `reason`.`r_reason_sk` AND 'Found a better price in a store' = `reason`.`r_reason_desc`\nGROUP BY `store_returns`.`sr_item_sk`;"
      } ],
      "query_details" : [ {
        "name" : "queryA",
        "sql" : "SELECT `t0`.`sr_item_sk`, SUM(`t0`.`sr_net_loss`) AS `$f1`\nFROM (SELECT `sr_item_sk`, `sr_reason_sk`, `sr_net_loss`\nFROM `default`.`store_returns`\nWHERE `sr_reason_sk` IS NOT NULL) AS `t0`\nINNER JOIN (SELECT `r_reason_sk`\nFROM `default`.`reason`\nWHERE `r_reason_desc` = 'Found a better price in a store' AND `r_reason_sk` IS NOT NULL) AS `t2` ON `t0`.`sr_reason_sk` = `t2`.`r_reason_sk`\nGROUP BY `t0`.`sr_item_sk`",
        "recommendations" : [ "materialized_view_1" ]
      } ]