Monitoring HMS

You can monitor Hive Metastore (HMS), heap usage, and key Hive metrics.

  1. In the Welcome screen, click grid , and then select Manage.
    A list of dashboard groups appears:
  2. Select the hive dashboard.
    Names of the Hive dashboards in the group appears, a few of which are shown below:
  3. Select Hive - Compaction observability, and in Namesparce, select a namespace.
    In Alerts, the error indicator shows the number of errors and warnings.
  4. Expand Completed and Running Compactions.
    Graphs showing the status of compactions appears.
  5. Go back to the list of Hive dashboards, and select Hive - HiveMetaStore.
  6. In Database Catalog, and then in Pod Name, accept the default All, or select a particular Database Catalog and pod.
    In Memory Pressure, metrics about the overall status of HMS appear.
  7. Click each row title to expand and look at various metrics: app stop times due to garbage collection and heap usage.