September 15, 2022

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces these changes.

Support for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service 1.21 cluster

This release 1.4.3-b225 (released September 15, 2022) automatically uses and provisions Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) 1.21 when you activate an environment from CDW. In this release, upgrading a cluster from EKS 1.20 to 1.21 is not supported.

Alert notification configuration

You can now configure alert notifications that appear in user notification system. The notifications supplement alert information in charts on the Manage/Hive/Compaction Observability dashboard in Grafana.

Impala Virtual Warehouse catalog high availability

In earlier releases, the single instance limitation of the Impala Virtual Warehouse catalog made the catalog a single point of failure. In this release, you can optionally configure replication of the Impala catalog for high availability. One instance operates in active mode, the other in passive mode to provide failover. The passive instance serves as a backup and takes over if the active instance goes down.

General availability of Managed Storage Access

CDW capabilities for storing data for multiple tenants is now generally available (GA). You set up a managed storage warehouse for AWS or for Azure.

General availability of SSO to Virtual Warehouses

In this release, the capability to enable SSO (single sign-on) to your Virtual Warehouse from JDBC/ODBC clients is generally available (GA).

Hive to Iceberg table migration disallowed under certain conditions

If you attempt to migrate a Hive table having VARCHAR or CHAR columns to Iceberg, an exception will occur in this release. Migration under these conditions is not allowed in this release because incorrect query results can occur. To work around this limitation, change VARCHAR and CHAR columns to string columns, and then migrate the table to Iceberg.

Impala Autoscaler Web UI

This release includes an addition to the Impala Web UI for debugging the Impala Virtual Warehouse. The new UI provides insight into Autoscaler operations, accessing log messages, and resetting the log level.

Additions to IAM policy, standard and restricted, permissions

In this release, if you want to use Amazon CloudWatch, add logging permissions: to your IAM policy: "logs:CreateLogGroup","logs:CreateLogStream","logs:DescribeLogStreams", and "logs:PutLogEvents". The arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/CloudWatchAgentAdminPolicy must also be added to the restricted permissions.

Using CloudWatch is not required. Add logging permissions for CloudWatch only if you use this Amazon service. For more information about adding the CloudWatch logging permissions, see the following documentation:

CREATE TABLE LIKE PARQUET FILE feature in Unified Analytics

You can base a new table on a schema in a Parquet file using the CREATE TABLE LIKE PARQUET FILE statement.